Sleep Better, Feel Better

Is it hard for you to fall asleep or stay asleep through the night? Do you wake up feeling tired or feel very sleepy during the day, even if you have had enough sleep? You might have a sleep disorder. Although lack of sleep, which is when you sleep less then 7 hours at a[…]

Sitting, a new disease cohort

Had an exhausting day? Think you deserve to kick back and relax? Think again. If you’re like most people, you spend more than half of your waking hours sitting or inactive for long stretches of time—at work, at school, in the car or watching TV or another type of screen. Even eating three meals a[…]

Mystery Health Files

I recently had a 47 yr. old female patient complaining of being tired all the time. She was shaky folding laundry, dizzy when she stood up too quick, and had very little endurance during her hikes. She has a decent health history with no chronic disease  and is an avid hiker. After looking at her[…]

The Facts about Diabetes

As a Registered Diabetes Educator for the American Diabetes Foundation, I have seen the prevalence of Diabetes grow right before my eyes. In my health clubs in the 90’s and early 2000’s I had one in 30 members that had a diagnosis or an issue with blood sugar, in my clinical office it’s one in[…]